Amsterdam-based photographer Femke Reijerman’s work is centred on two major areas: art and people.
In Femke's work focused on people, the protagonists are pictured in relation to the larger environment that surrounds them – and vice versa.

Children often play a big role, and it’s particularly their singularity that strikes Femke. The simplicity of children ensures the viewer sees the true essence of the picture – something that is of vital importance in Femke’s images, be they fashion shots or intimate portraits. The images are pure, personal, all with their own daydream-like subtleties – and they show the world in a slightly abstract, minimalistic, and graphical way.


In Femke’s work focused on art, landscape, nature, and architecture play the lead roles — landscapes (both of the actual natural variety, along with their architectural counterparts) that blur your point of reference and soften the borders of visible reality.

Femke instinctively arranges structures, shapes, and objects within the frame, thereby guiding the viewer’s eye and creating something entirely new in the process. Her work forces us to slow down. It helps us to visualise things most people don’t seem to notice anymore. Femke has an interest in the smaller dimension and the outskirts of cities, while her images hover ephemerally somewhere between reality and imagination. And, in some way, these two-dimensional creations enable us to be closer to our nondescript daily surroundings.

Femke’s work is for sale. Please see the ‘Contact’ page to make further enquiries.