Femke Reijerman

I am a photographer that shoots both people and still life.

Using the same approach for both disciplines, I always look for the perfect light and surrounding first, from there I build up the image in a graphical way.


In my work focused on people, the protagonists are pictured in relation to the larger environment that surrounds them – and vice versa.

Children often play a big role, and it is particularly their singularity that strikes Femke. The simplicity of children ensures the viewer sees the true essence of the picture – something that is of vital importance in Femke’s images, be they fashion shots or intimate portraits. The images are pure, personal, all with their own daydream-like subtleties – and they show the world in a slightly abstract, minimalistic, and graphical way.

Some of Femke's Associates


  • architecture
  • graphics
  • nature
  • backlight
  • art
  • colour


  • red rag
  • jc rags
  • psychologie magazie
  • mt media
  • lucille werner foundation
  • montis
  • design academy eindhoven
  • elle
  • doolittle
  • elegance
  • little wings
  • amerborgh
  • parool
  • kek
  • groter groeien
  • la petite magazine
  • lex pot

Inspirational people:

  • olafur eliasson
  • erin o'keefe
  • amanda gorman
  • glen luchford
  • malala yousaszai
  • emma watson
  • anne frank
  • bob marley
  • billy holiday
  • yoursef gnaoui



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